WFSE Thanks US Capitol Custodial Staff

For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Justin Lee

Olympia, Wash. —The Washington Federation of State Employees (AFSCME Council 28) Executive Committee released the following statement thanking public custodial workers of the U.S. Capitol for their brave and selfless dedication in returning the Capitol buildings to a safe and usable state after the January 6 attacks on democracy and justice.

Without the skilled labor of the Capitol custodial staff, lawmakers might not have been able to return to the Capitol to complete the work of democracy.

In between the attackers being ousted from the Capitol and the lawmakers returning to their chambers, a quiet and dedicated group of public workers were tasked with cleaning the rubble, trash, and defecation left by the rioters and terrorists.

Public workers are often called heroes in return for the work they do. Sometimes it is thankless. Sometimes it is dangerous. The custodial staff of the U.S. Capitol are such heroes. We thank them for the critical role they played last week in the preservation of our democracy.

Public employees like the custodians at the Capitol will continue to be a force for justice, fairness, and equal rights for everyone in this country.

Mike Yestramski, President
Andrea Vaughn, Vice President
Tracy Stanley, Secretary
Paula Lukaszek, Treasurer
Leanne Kunze, Executive Director