TESC Bargaining Update 7/31/18

Hello Classified Staff & Supervisors Bargaining Unit Members! 

We have introduced our compensation proposals and feel good about the tone and atmosphere at the bargaining table.  Our hope is to make some serious gains for membership in compensation as well as other prioritized issues.  Management has been thoughtful, persuasive, and more than willing to listen.  We anticipate more healthy back and forth as we negotiate solutions and additions to the contract.

At this last session we closed numerous articles and anticipate that we will conclude negotiations earlier than we had expected.  Our next scheduled bargaining sessions are August 22nd and 23rd. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and feel free to reach out to us in support for our next Collective Bargaining Agreement!

Your bargaining team:

Steve Johnson, Doug Shanafelt, Shauna Bittle, Lin Crowley, Beth Mason, Susie Seip, and Labor Advocate, Ron Heley