TESC Bargaining Update 6/26/18

Hello Classified Staff & Supervisors Bargaining Unit Members! 

Our latest bargaining negotiations meeting with management took place on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, in the Evergreen State College Board Room.

College president George Bridges addressed both sides and directed us to work together for productive, respectful meetings.  

Even with that in mind, we have had some lively discussions on a few articles that we were unable to agree upon at this meeting.  However, we were able to tentatively agree on a few more articles, and will come back to the table on July 17th and continue to present language that both sides might find agreeable.

Please keep us in your thoughts and feel free to reach out to us in support for our next Collective Bargaining Agreement!

Your bargaining team:

Steve Johnson, Doug Shanafelt, Shauna Bittle, Lin Crowley, Beth Mason, Susie Seip, and Labor Advocate, Ron Heley