Save Our Community Colleges - Tax Billionaires

WFSE Local 304 members at Seattle Colleges are speaking up about cuts to frontline staff, faculty and students and the need for revenue reform to save our community colleges. 

"During this pandemic I've seen our students struggle to get the resources that they need from our barebones staffing levels."

Watch Christian's Statement

"It's time to stop the layoffs. Essential people have been here since day one."

Watch Montana's Statement

"Please support us on deciding to tax the top earners in our state and corporations that are making billions of dollars while the rest of us suffer."

Watch Jeanette's Statement

"This hurts frontline workers and students, particularly the students."

Watch Matthew's Statement

"What do people do when they've been laid off? Go to school. Think about that."

Watch Sybrina's Statement

"In order to live by myself I have been working in another job...I have worked for the Seattle Colleges for almost 28 years."

Watch Sevgi's Statement

"Exorbitant executive salaries remain largely intact while the brunt of cuts and reductions is borne by classified employees at the colleges."

Watch Johnny's Statement

"The majority of his responsibilities are now held by me in addition to my own work."

Watch Meseret and Roberta's Statement

"These cuts have disproportionately hurt our BIPOC community, especially women students, students with younger kids, and other marginalized populations." 

Watch Thuy's Statement

"Instead of being able to get to 60 to 80 customers a day—people who need help—we're able get to 25, maybe. The front line is crumbling."

Watch James' Statement

"Cuts to frontline staff, the people who interface regularly with students and make the system work for students, can drastically impact students' success and persistence."

Watch Patti's Statement

"A lot of our students at the college are not receiving the critical services they need in order to enroll."

Watch Maricres' Statement

"I've had to say goodbye to many friends as the college determined that their positions were 'bloat' and chose to cut them."

Watch Dianne's Statement

Help Us Save Our Community Colleges

Write a letter to your elected officials. We need a robust and functioning community college system now more than ever. 

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