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WFSE members from across the state attended our union's lobby training on January 8. Now, members are testifying in support of WFSE priorities, including funding for agreements that bring as much as 3.25% in pay increases along with a lump sum payment.

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COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS:  Over the interim, more than 30 different supplemental CBAs were negotiated – including eleven WFSE CBAs -- that provide state employees with a long overdue COLA.  We urge ratification of all.  EWU failed to properly transmit their renegotiated CBAs but we would ask they be included nonetheless.  The Governor’s budget also provides funding for targeted job reclassifications that we strongly support.

CHILD WELFARE WORK STUDY (Senn): The Governor’s budget includes $800,000 for DCYF to fund a Child Welfare workload study.  [Sec. 226(34)]  We ask for the Legislature’s support as well.

SURPLUS LAND HOUSING STUDY (Chopp): Appropriate $500,000 to study how surplus public state land can be used to develop housing for lower income workers, particularly lower income state employees.

OPERATING/TRANSPORTATION:  We oppose any tax cuts or diversions impacting the General Fund.  There are too many unmet needs to consider GF reductions.  We strongly support new revenue for critical transportation priorities, but we do oppose any permanent diversion of general fund revenue for transportation purposes.

SB 5844 (Liias): Provides a modest increase in higher education public works bid limits to reflect inflation, providing more work opportunities for WFSE members. [S Rules 2]

HB 1997 (Valdez): Reestablishes the Productivity Board that was extremely popular among state employees. [H APP DEAD]

HB 1992 (Bateman): Increases the maximum vacation leave a state employee can keep from 240 hours to 280 hours. [H APP EX 2/7]

HB 1153 (Orwall): A negotiated amendment would provide a pathway for our interpreters to provide services to LEP parents in certain K12 settings. [H Rules R]

HB 1669 (Stokesbary)/SB 5748 (Schoesler): This SCPP request bill would provide PSERS members with the same disability benefits as LEOFF members. [H 2nd Reading, S Rules 2]

SB 5600 (Keiser): Creates a pathway to develop apprenticeship opportunities for state employees. [S  Rules 2]

HB 1837 (Bronoske): Repeals the law prohibiting LNI from regulating work-related musculoskeletal disorders and ergonomics – a measure especially important to our custodial and cleaning service members. [H Rules R]