2023-2025 Bargaining Teams Announced

Check out the 2023-2025 WFSE bargaining teams. Next, teams will attend a training, review bargaining proposals and prepare to negotiate the best possible contracts for our jobs, families and communities. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to get involved.

Click here to get involved with a member action team (MAT) at your worksite.

*If you don't see your bargaining team below, either an election is still under way or a run-off is required.

General Government:

Corrections:  Don Malo
DCYF:  Anne Hinojosa & Riley Ingram-Sowell
Employment Security:  William Kinyon & Rhonda Freeland
Human Services:
DCYF:  Kizzy Andreason
CSD:  Jeremy Ayres
DCS:  Shannon Barry
HCS:  Cynthia English
At-Large:  Steven Segall
BHA:  Dianne Womack
JR:  Nate Wilson
DVA:  Barbara Holbrook
DDA:  Steven Yates & Cindy Hall
Labor and Industries:  Chuck Pirtle & Anthony Newbauer
Legal Services:  Angela Guadamuz
Natural Resources:  Jeff Wheeler & Jade Monroe
Transportation:  Georgina Willner & Dave Hurlburt
United State Agencies:  Susan Butz, Derwin Stanton & Tony Kennish

Administrative Law Judges:

Olympia:  Aaron Hockman
Tacoma:  Anne Fitzpatrick
Seattle:  Dana Diederich
Spokane:  Heather DeBlieck

Assistant Attorney General:

0-15 Years’ Experience:  Michelle Nelson
Over 15 Years’ Experience:  Jeff Even
Dependency Caseload:  John Jaquish
DEI:  Ari Robins
Eastern Washington:  Katie Christopherson
Northwest Region:  Leah Harris
Southwest Region:  Matt Huot

Central Washington University:

Jeff Johnson
Jordon Ross
Terll Stone
William Everett
Betty Hawkins

Community Colleges:

CCC: Tanya Phillips
CCS: Kelly Hopstad, Thomas Ingle & Ward Kaplan
EVCC: Kimberly Crombie & Dan Murphy
GRCC: Amanda Clifford & Scott Beals
LCC: Carol Moore & Tracy Stanley
PCC: Tom Cline
SCD: Johnny Dwyer, James Ellis & Diane Ellis
SHCC: James “Ric” Doike-Foreman
SPSCC: Roger Royset
TCC: Jayme Crumpton
WCC: Dan Andreason

Eastern Washington University:

Alexandra Cassano
Clinton Williams
David Sundstrom
Jennifer Goodwin
Ken Ripley
Mark Ward
Marvin Tobler
Lesli Younger

EWU Police

Jose Villasano
Robert Schmitter


Nikki Wolf
Mike Lasecki
Jessica Saavedra

TESC Classified:

Julie Rahn
Eric Lakewold
Rachel Homchick
Scot Lamb
Zach Young

UW Police:

Wendy Matsuyama
Chris Jaross

Washington State University:

James Antoine
Jason Brausen
Nate Smith
Wesley Kerr
Brian Lesko
Mike Watson